SouthKorea-based technology is one of the pioneering names in Samsung, VR, and virtual reality. However, the company is also working on karma reality. That’s where the Samsung HMD Odyssey comes in.

Samsung, who put the virtual reality of the Gear VR family into everyone’s life, the Odyssey Windows mixed Reality (mixed reality) title in October2017. This title with advanced features has been replaced by the Samsung HDM Odyssey + model. It was officially launched and the title is designed in a similar structure to the first version. This model is the most important one in terms of side of the screen appears. The model carries two 3.5-inch AMOLED displays within the body. Besides, the display delivers a resolution of 1440 × 1600 pixels to each eye, delivering high-level image quality. The screen, built on Anti-SDE technology, eliminates the pixilation problem that occurs in most VR titles. One the other hand, the title with a full 1,233 Ppi value and it can also hide the pixels completely. Even in long use, the specified mixed reality header, which does not have dizziness or nausea and it gives a 110 degree viewing angle. On the sound side, the Samsung HDM Odyssey which comes with an AKG-signed 360 degree headset, can, of course, move from the inside outward to the six axes.

Samsung HMDOdyssey a Product that Attracts Attention to the Title of Karma Reality

In conclusion, the device is tith a weight of 590 grams and it comes with two wireless controllers, which is not a problem even in long use. The title, which has a non-fog structure, also offers access to the Microsoft Store and SteamVR content. The device, which sees the two cameras in front of it, carries many motion sensors within it. The Odyssey, which was first sold in America, has a price tag of 499 dollars.