The artificial intelligence becoming a part of our lives together with the emerging technology, is slowly starting to show its impact in all areas.

Artificial intelligence technology actively used in many areas ranging from smart home systems to security systems, does not stay back when it comes to photography. In the past, many materials such as film, Lens, flash, battery and tripod are needed to take pictures; with artificial intelligence, all of this is now in one place. The development of technology and artificial intelligence paves the way for professional photo shoots through smart phones. Especially with camera features and visual quality, smart phones make a difference. They start to show itself in the art of photography, giving you the freedom to take photos at any time. Technology giant Huawei combines artificial intelligence technology with a P20 model smart phone with the superior design.

Combination of Algorithms

The P20 model comes with a Leica dual camera with 20 MP (F/1.6, 27mm) monochrome sensors and 12 MP RGB (f/1.8, 27mm) sensor 1.55 μm pixel size. While the RBG camera receives colour information, the monochrome camera is responsible for the details. This information is being digitally merged from two cameras. After all, the artificial intelligence technology in P20 works as an extra layer on the algorithms to bring the final photo together.

Discovery of Colours

The artificial intelligence processor in P20 can recognize more than 500 objects. Besides, it can distinguish them in 19 different scenes. Each scene is associated with optimized parameters. For example, when the sky detects that a photo is being taken, it activates the “blue sky” scene and increases colour saturation. Thus, the effortless shooting of impressive squares is possible with just one touch.

With Rich Details

The artificial intelligence technology detecting close-up, increases the level of sharpness. As a result, they are impressive results with P20 and it can capture even the smallest details in the photos.