There are hundreds of thousands of people who can’t use his body for having a stroke on earth. This is the BrainGate2 technology prepared for these people. It connects the brain with the computer.

The BrainGate2 technology has been tried on three people with both arms and limbs paralyzed. It also promises great hope to connect them to life. Because this system is developed, it allows the brain to establish a connection between the brain and the computer by analyzing the motor cortex (lock in Body Control) section. The electrode system placed on the Motor cortex detects the brain signals given for movement. Besides, it makes them a command in real time. In this way, paralyzed people can perform many processes, including just thinking about controlling the mouse. Currently, the system, built on an Android tablet, allows paralyzed people to send messages to their friends or browse the Internet. The technology developed by researchers at Brown University is said to have even known the possibility of playing the piano to a paralyzed person. Another participant is using this system to shop online.

BrainGate2 Is a Beacon of Hope for the People Who Have Suffered a Stroke

Of course, this technology is not eliminating the paralysis. But it connects these people to life. It provides such an opportunity to people who cannot act on their own means giving the world. The ongoing system of studies, as mentioned in the title, is among the most important technologies developed in the recent period.