Samsung’s Demo phone with a unique notch of 5g appeared

The notch of the phone that Samsung uses for the 5g connection demo is very interesting. Qualcomm announces the new Snapdragon 855 processor. There is also a 5g modem in the processor. Telecommunications companies in South Korea also started to offer 5g service. They have even made a demo search. The intersection of both was Samsung’s demo phone.  The most remarkable feature on the phone was the odd-shaped notch located in the upper right corner.

Samsung did not provide any information about the phone used in the demo. That’s why we only make assumptions. This different design of the corner notch can be related to the Samsung Galaxy S10, which will have a slim bezel and dual front camera.

demo phone with 5g

In terms of  hardware, the notch on the corner is in a pretty pointless place. The bottom and top frame edges are already quite thick. Besides, there’s no front-facing camera in this notch. In terms of software, things are changing a little.

The Galaxy S10 has a notch in that area. There are two camera systems in the notch.  The software must be completed before a product is uncovered and its production is started. In this case, the phone used in the demo could be one of the first prototypes of Galaxy S10.

Of course, until there is an explanation from Samsung, all these ideas will remain at the rumor level. Nevertheless, it is worth listening to Samsung’s description.  According to the company, this demo phone will be far from the end product and better than.