Epic Games announces its online store, which shares %88 of its sales to developers. The store, which will be with a series of specially selected PCs and Macs in a short time. It will also start accepting additional games and supporting other platforms within the year 2019.

The doors of the Epic Games store will be open to all games developed with different game engines. The first games to take place in the store include games developed with Unreal, Unity and other game engines. The owners of games developed with Unreal Engine await a great opportunity. Epic games, specifically for games developed with the Unreal engine, will waive the copyright share. Besides, the developers must pay for the game engine license. It cannot be changed and reproduced.

The unique feature of the Epic Games store is the program for supporting content producers. With this program, developers will be able to reach more than 10,000 content producers, including YouTube and Twitch publishers. The Content Manufacturers support program will reward content producers for their contributions to game developers. For more information about the program, please visit the web site.

Detailed information on the first games to be published in the Epic Games store  during the game Awards, which will be on Thursday, December 6th.