Toyota’s humanoid robot with 5g technology has demonstrated its capabilities

The sympathetic robot is completely remote controlled. It seems to be as talented as it is, as well as its philanthropic interest.

The robots that we once saw in the movies are now becoming part of our daily lives. The wonders of this technology are said to take the place of many professions in the very near future. They  are becoming even more humanoid every day.

humanoid robot, wearable tecnology

The Japanese automotive giant Toyota has conquered their hearts with a sympathetic, humanoid robot that he recently introduced.  The Robot is controlled remotely with 5g technology in a completely wireless way. As can be seen in the shared promotional videos, the person who wears the necessary equipment is able to do almost every move, almost instantly. Thanks to the 5G, the humanoid robot has a very fast control mechanism, it is very successful in activities such as making Lego and playing ball.

According to the statement made by the company, the robot can be used for humanity in very useful studies.  Thanks to its ability to control the remote error and fast, it can reach places where people cannot reach. So it can do useful work during natural disasters such as fire and environmental disasters.  In addition, it can be used as an aid in the health sector.