Yahoo has added a new one to the messaging applications on mobile platforms, such as WhatsApp and Messenger. The application’s name is Yahoo Together which has a slightly different concept than the ordinary one.

There are different messaging applications in the application stores. The most common of these applications is WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Yahoo also again will be willing to turn to this area, which was released yesterday for the new chat app for both IOS and Android platforms. Although it resembles a normal chat application as an interface, it is somewhat different from the messaging applications we know. Focusing on more groups messaging, this app resembles their spouse, just like Skype and Slack.

Private Chat Channels for Each Topic

With the application introduced yesterday, you can also create channels for people to join. The channels you open have the “hash tag” sign and you can add the desired person to the desired channel. In the app you can also create unlimited channels and chat in your life in private chat rooms without disrupted the integrity of the subject. It is evident that the expectations of the application are great in the comments related to the application from the company front. It is said that this new app is clearly different from other messaging applications, adding new features to the app as time progresses. Yahoo Together does not offer any voice and video calling capabilities compared to equivalent applications. You can use the links below to obtain the application.