Shortcuts, one of the most functional features of IOS 12, also make it possible to download videos through the Instagram.

We have already shared a shortcut that makes it possible to save photos that other users have shared over the Instagram. However, the shortcuts in question did not work in the video content. Another shortcut, called ‘’InstaSave’’, can be used to record both photos and videos. But first, let’s remind them to apply shortcuts. As you know, Apple has introduced the new app shortcuts to users in conjunction with IOS 12. The app that you can download from the apps Store makes it possible to add some shortcuts on the phone. In this way, users can use these shortcuts with Siri or by hand. In the past, we also share a video download shortcut from YouTube, and users can create their own shortcuts, as well as download shortcuts from other users on the Internet.

Download the Instagram Videos

After updating your device to IOS 12, you can download the shortcuts app here. The application unfortunately only supports IOS 12 and above devices. You can add shortcuts to your library by downloading it from here. The steps you follow later are quite simple. From your phone, after you copy the URL of the video you want to download, you can open the Shortcuts app and press the interface key to download the video automatically.