The popular social media sharing site Index is pleased with its users every day with another novelty news. Along with the development that was experienced today, an important feature for the stories of the Instagram. Here, the details!

Great Feature for Instagram Stories!

The index stories, used by more than 400 million active users, continue to be popular with Snapchat. In conjunction with this situation, today, an important feature has been made available to the people who continue to offer new features to their users.

The popular social media platform will allow you to share your stories with friends you only see close, thanks to the “close friends” feature.

So instead of choosing individual people who don’t want to see your stories, you’ll be able to easily set them up with the list you’re creating.

The only important thing to do is to update your app to the latest version to use the feature coming with the new update. Once you’ve made the update, you can add the contacts you’ve specified to this list by clicking “Close Friends” on the menu on the profile page.

Thus, the popular social media platform, which solves a problem more, is to have a quality social media experience for users. That’s why we can say, it is very subtle and frequent.

So, what do you guys think about this update? You can transfer your thoughts from the comments section. Your comments are welcome…