In this video, we are reviewing the Solox F30 amplifier with the highest performing emix H30 player headset in the Adata XPG player series. Let’s say it’s a model for people who love to play and think that online games are indispensable. That’s why it’s the main thing about the amplifier as well as the headphone out.

Adata XPG Emix H30 and Solox F30 Review

The highest-level headphone model of the Adata XPG series, the Emix H30 player headset is easy and convenient to use in the form of plug-and-play on computers, PlayStation, Xbox, switches and mobile devices. As you can see from here, Adata has completely thought about the players in this headset. We are here to review the Adata xpg emix H30 and Solox F30. Good looking!

In the evolving gaming world, you need to open a separate bracket to the desktop player hardware alongside the consoles and the computer. In addition to being the console or computer that plays the game, let’s say that the main factor that enhances your gaming enjoyment and performance is other equipment. We can sample this as follows: When you don’t hear the sound well, or when you can’t control your character the way you want it, your performance is falling apart, as well as your gaming enjoyment. To avoid such events, you need to have quality desktop equipment. With a better sound headset, more ergonomic mouse and keyboard, you can maximize your gaming performance.

Adata XPG Emix H30 and Solox F30 Design

As with most player earplugs, Emix H30 has a really muscular and aggressive structure. The player headsets are larger and bigger than normal headsets. This is because the use of large drives and virtual 7.1 support can be used in a more quality way.

Emix H30 also has the way the headband is automatically adjusted. So you don’t have to adjust the size of the headset with your hand. In this way, the wear on the manual headsets does not occur in Emix H30.

We should also specify that there is red illumination on the outside of the parts of the drives. This illumination adds a much more distinct air to the headset.

Apart from these, the cables of the headphone and amp are coated with fabric, thus getting a more sheltered structure. Rounder and breakage of plastic cables do not occur on Emix H30 and Solox F30.

Also refer to the links and keys on the Solox F30. With the keys on it; as you can easily switch between audio modes, you are able to mute, activate virtual 7.1 supports, and choose which connections on the amp will be active.

Let’s transfer these keys to you, starting from the beginning; the first key allows you to switch between the connections on the amp. You can only use the right, left, or both sides if you want.

Our second key is mute, which is the function of turning off the sound.

Our next key is to open and close the virtual 7.1 support.

The remainder is the last key that is right at the beginning; being a game, movie, vocals and music allows you to choose between four different kinds of fashion.

Now, if you’d like, let’s put the links on the amp. In total, we add three USB, two headsets and one microphone jack.

You insert the three inputs in your headset into the connection section on the right side of the ambulance. You can connect other devices to one headset and two USB inputs on the other side. So you can connect your keyboard and mouse here, or you can connect any other product you want from here to the computer. Other than that, you can also connect a speaker or another headset if you want to the other audio output.

Before we gather our words on the design, we also tell you that the cables of Emix H30 and Solox F30 are gold tipped.

It also comes with a stand and a bag that allows us to position the headphone and amp inside the box. In this stand, the amplifier is magnetic to determine the part. In this way, when you put the amplifier on the stand, they hold each other and the amp does not fall easily when your hand is hit. We can also say that Adata’s magnetic design is quite accurate, considering that these devices are already sensitive.

Technical Specifications for Emix H30

When we look at the Emix H30 specifications in detail, we can specify that two 53 mm drives sound. We also specify that the drive sizes contribute directly to 7.1 supports. The larger the headset driver, the more 360-degree audio experience increases.

Impedance value is 32 ohm. Let us specify that headphones with an impedance value can perform better on mobile devices. Since, in generally, mobile devices include 32 ohm impedance. This is one of the most important factors for our headset to work so comfortably on the console, PC and mobile platforms.

Besides, let’s take a look at the frequency value. Emix H30, which has a range of 20-20000 Hz, can comfortably meet the desired frequency value in a player’s headset.

We also indicate that there is a 2.4-meter cable, and let’s switch to microphone-related features. Let’s emphasize that the microphone with noise cancelling has a sensitivity of 42 decibels and has a frequency value of 50-10,000 Hz. As we already mentioned in our review video, this range is more than enough.

Lastly, it is guaranteed for 2 years. Of course, as you know, this warranty is valid outside of user-induced failures.

Adata XPG Emix H30 Features

Drive Size: 53 mm

Impedance Value: 32 ohm

Sensitivity: 110 db

Frequency range: 20-20000 Hz

Cable size: 2.4 m

Microphone Sensitivity: 42 db

Microphone frequency range: 50-10000 Hz

Features of Adata XPG Solox F30

Audio Support: Virtual 7.1

Applicable modes: Games, movies, vocals, music

USB Connections: 3 pcs

Audio connections: 2 headphones, 1 microphone