With new beta version for Android and IOS users in last year, Microsoft Edge continues to develop itself with new updates. Besides, it offers new features to compete with competitors.

Microsoft Edge new update was offered for Android!

Microsoft’s latest browser, Microsoft Edge, has released a new update for Android. Also, it was criticized by finding far behind their competitors. Very recently, the IOS update reported that the future.

With an update from the version of the browser on the Google Play Store, users will be able to create Favourites folders and edit them easily. However, with the new option on the bottom bar, it will be easy to access quick actions and swipe right or left to navigate pages in tab history.

The update also includes fixes for common errors and performance improvements. But the original expected feature came from Microsoft Edge users. Users will now be able to search through the browser visually. Thanks to the visual search, you will be able to browse through the browser. That is for something you don’t know your name but with a photo.

Of course, most of these features are available in other browsers. Howerver, I can tell you that Microsoft Edge is an update that will relieve many users who prefer battery performance or for some other reason.

So, how do you find the Microsoft Edge browser? You can specify positive or negative aspects of other browsers in comments.