The world’s most popular video platform, YouTube is derived from the advertisements that it shows. There is a move that will satisfy for these ads.

YouTube, as we say, stands out thanks to the ads and supports content producers. However, these ads can be quite annoying for the audience. Because there is more than one ad taking place in the top of the video, it’s pretty much undermining the viewing experience. This annoying situation specifically shows itself in the mobile. If the company is to reduce this problem, it will be a different way. In this new way, you will see two consecutive ad ads in the immediate beginning of the video. After these two ads, fewer ads (40 percent) are appearing in the rest of the video. In this way, the company, which aims to reduce the video’s split with ads, says the feature will be active on both desktop and mobile. According to the rumors, this infrastructure benefits advertisers as well. This means that ad access will increase at a full %8 to 11% level.

YouTube Continues to Grow

The number of ads shown to cover the costs of this growth is increasing. The platform, which clearly finishes the television era, is at an unrevealing point. The platform, which now contains video on almost everything, also increases the investments on the side of the private content. This is about Google’s great work.