Recording internet’s face side and bringing to us Google is starting a new era on its searching background. Here are details;

Despite having lots of opponents, most of us open Google directly to search something. The service being in our life for a long time is continuing to develop. A new feature added to searching background, enables you to comment on the problems that you may come across. The feature firstly coming to exist on Google app for Android has been added to support page by the company. With that background, users can leave comment to the searching results thus and so interaction will be increased. For now, working just in specific countries and languages, the feature first of all focuses on live sport events and it seems like it would change platform’s one side structure. The background that you can read and evaluate someone else’s comments looks quite good in terms of social interaction.

Internet = Google

It is indicated that you can reach people’s searching results on ‘’About Me’’ page. The company doesn’t accept an anonym thing in here. It is also said that people can delete all the comments they’ve thrown on that page. Google which will start an interesting era wants to make search engine more social. How did you find the comment background on paper?