TP-Link has announced to launch a new powerbank model after a long break. TL-PB10000 model powerbank is with thin casing and portable.

Li-Polimer battery is used on powerbank which has classy, black chest. The powerbank having 10.000 mAh capacities can charge smart phones few times when it is totally full. Thanks to its thin chest comfortably fit TL-PB10000 has the capacity of charging 4 times iPhone 8, 2.4 times Samsung Galaxy S9, and 1.4 times iPad mini 4. TP-Link’s new Powerbank, which can charge two devices simultaneously, has two smart charging slots with a power output of 2.1.  TP-Link’s smart charging technology makes it possible to charge devices faster, for instance, 65 percent faster than the original Apple iPhone charger. Both charging slots are designed to provide the power for large and small battery-powered devices. This allows different devices to be charged safely.

The TL-PB10000 can be charged fast. It is also fully idle with its 5v/2.1 a charging support and reaching full capacity within 4.8 hours. According to 5v/1a supported models, it saves half time charging. It can also charge portable devices while charging itself. Just like TP-Link’s other powerbank models, this powerbank has many certified security features. That ensures both powerbank and charging devices to be protected. The powerbank, having a security certificate for short circuit, high volt, high current, high charge, overcharge discharge and overheating, provides ‘ reliable power ‘.