Starting to force Intel thanks to its Zen architectural, ADM has introduced new EPYC ROME drawer. Having 7nm producing technology, new drawers will have 64 cores and 128 paths.

AMD Has Introduced New 64 Cores EPYC ROME Drawer!

Managing to put Intel in a difficult situation thanks to its Zen architectural, ADM has introduced its new technologies at Next Horizon event. Having the world’s first 7nm producing technology  and consisting of 64 cores, 128 paths EPYC ROME drawer at x68 platform has been introduced. We should lay emphasize on that, serial production has not started yet at those products and it probably meet us in 2019 as earliest.

When Zen architectural drawers were put on the markets for the first time, 4 cores drawers were common in markets, but with Ryzen’s released 6 and 8 cores models have become easily accessible. Since the company pays special attention to the price performance rate, Intel has started to take the bull by the horns.

AMD EPYC ROME Technical Features

It has been a known fact that, new architectural drawer’s name will be Zen 2. The unknown things were what’s the new with coming. According to the things told at Next Horizon event, beside 64 cores and 128 paths values it offers floating point performance as 4 times more.

EPYC ROME is confronting with us as server drawer with 64 cores. It gets power from Zen 2 cores with 7nm and has 10 different cores with 14nm within. They also have DDR4 and OCle 4.0 support with 8 channels.

Since, new drawer platform is correspond to Naples previous EPYC owners could change their drawers easily. Besides, thanks to its PCle 4.0 interface it will give better performance with new generation display cards.