Announcing generation processors short while ago Intel has prepared a new processor model too. This time, 48 cores Intel processor is coming! Intel Cascade Lake processors were announced.

48 Cores Intel Processor is Coming

Intel is adding 48 cores model to Xeon processor which was developed for servers. New generation server processors getting out under the name of Xeon Cascade Lake series, is offering 48 cores support in upmost model. On main boards supporting double processors, 2 processors using is possible as 96 cores working in total.

Intel Cascade Lake Processors were announced

The knowledge about Intel’s new generation processor’s multi-thread support is not clear yet. New generation Intel processors’ one of the attention grabbing sides is giving technical support to DDR4 type 24 pieces RAM modules. It can give 3 TB RAM support on double processors configuration. Intel also gives Optane support to that processor. With that system used Ultra fast SSD’s as RAM, from 34 modules 12 TB system memory can be created.

Prepared in 14 producing process those processors will be %20 faster than Xeon ones used right know. When we compare it with ADM’s EYPC server chips, it offers till 3.4 time’s high difference.