Mentioned most often with making ergonomic game controllers, Microsoft this time started to work on new controller. Microsoft is working on mobile gamepad!

Microsoft Produces Mobile Gamepad!

Making interesting moves on game console especially in recently, Microsoft is preparing to make a move towards to the mobile market this time.

Announcing to give technical support with keyboard and mouse for Xbox One in last month, the Microsoft has given that support to the users with new published Xbox One beta updating (1811) for the first time. Today, according to the new information Microsoft is preparing a gamepad for mobile devices.

We guess, that device will be offered to the market especially for the service ensuring you to radiate from Xbox One to mobile devices. Being on developing process for now, the new gamepad will be in a modular structure. In other words they could be used as separately from each other like Nintendo Switch controllers. Extra, as you see from the picture below modular structure can be used as virtual reality controller by combined as a single piece.

When we look with regard to consoles, Microsoft is seemed like in a device preparing which will change console perception in long term.