Shown up as integrated to the Windows operating system in 24th of October in 2016, Windows Defender is preparing to get such a huge updating. Much more secure user experience is waiting for us. If you want to reach to the features directly before updating, you can find a small guide in our essay.

Windows Defender is Getting Virtualisation Support

Falling on stony ground by those who don’t want to have serious security till Windows 10, Windows Defender started to make big progress. We can say such an important and even revolutionary innovation is on the way for the Defender updated with new features all the time.

Defender is becoming an antivirus having virtualisation support now. Thanks to a feature working in a different way than the other virtualisation support in antivirus software, Defender is working as virtualised completely.

Microsoft indicated that they have worked on the technology which will block viruses to escape from virtualised software especially and added it to Defender.

It was also added in announcement that Defender is the first antivirus having that feature.

How to Activate Windows Defender Virtualised Feature?

Even if the feature is not ready yet, you can already activate the feature. Here it is the steps to activate the feature:

  • Open CMD as director from Start menu
  • Write setx /M MP_FORCE_USE_SANDBOX 1
  • Click enter button and restart your computer

After those features, virtualised will be activated.