Our suspicions about security got increased together with developed technology. A service provider from England has announced to start Tor supported Sim card period which is believed as a contribution to that issue.

Security Lovers will Like Tor Supported Sim Card!

Brass Horns company servicing in England indicated that Tor supported Sim cards will destroy people’s suspicions about security issue.

The company non profit making announced that all internet connections supplied by those Sim cards will take place on Tor web. Through, users will be relaxed to some extend about security.

Users can also block internet traffic flow except for Tor thanks to a Project called as Onion3G by the company.

Becoming in test phase those new Sim cards will be offered for sale in 2019 and it will be worked just with Android system.

Its will be priced as 2£ per month and 0.025 £ will be charged in MB using on Sim card.

Besides, Monero, ZCash and Bitcoin can be used for payment.