One of the popular messaging apps Telegram has offered more developed and practical Telegram X app by encoding again from the beginning instead of updating.

October Updating has Came for Telegram X

The application will offer many innovations to the users with new updating. First of all mistakes stemming from last update are fixed. However, right along with those mistakes new features were offered as well.

You can use the app in any language you want thanks to new languages supplementation; in fact you can add the language you want to the application library easily.

We used to benefit from Telegram app for translation in our messages. But, there were not enough options in translation part. Language options were increased and it got possible to translate your messages in any language easily.

Except for those features, since Telegram X is a new app as to old ones thanks to updating many problems were solved.

Finally, as the most important feature there is good news for Android Pie users. Thanks to updating Telegram X has offered Android Pie support. We hope that all chronic mistakes will be solved and make it possible to have more developed user experience with this updating.

So what is your most frequently used app from Telegram, Whatsapp, Fiber etc.?