Microsoft event looked forward by all around the world has finally occurred. Surface Pro 6 was introduced.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is coming with very Powerful Features!

Even if its features were leaked before introduction the Surface Pro 6 model was officially announced. Being as iPod opponent the Surface models, coming onto the market as Windows iPod raise the level with Surface Pro 6 model about all things to do with an iPod.

The model becoming faster than previous Surface iPod models brings that power to you with its portable structure.

Technical Features

Surface Pro 6 coming with 8th generation Intel operator, 16 GB ram and 1 TB SDD is with us with its blue, black, red and grey colours. As coming to exist from leak, 6th model continues to use USB-A type cable charge entrance like the previous models.


6th generation Surfaces appearing with 12.3 inch screen and 3:2 width, length rate doesn’t covenant almost any innovation about design. When we compare with previous ones, by increased ppi rate to 267 higher quality screen experience will be provided to the users.

As we look at the camera side, we see a camera with an autofocus feature and 8.0 MP as dissolubility. It was indicated in the presentation that it offers such a good experience for Video call and Windows Hello feature.

When we analyse the battery life, we come across with great values from the paper. Despite having the same weight with previous ones, new devices’ battery life was increased to the 13.5 hour.

Using Intel Core i5 beginning level the model will be offered for sale as 899 dollar.