Before explaining how to measure distance with Google Maps lets mention about ‘’what is Google Maps? What does it do? And what else can we do?’’ by using that platform consisted of developed digital maps. Google Maps is a quite developed map system which is used web based. Google shows country, city, neighbourhood and streets’ detailed knowledge on map from any field at earth map thanks to it’s that service. Anyone can reach all those services as free.

Distance is calculated as the Crow Flies

Actually all I mention to you below is just to give you approximate idea. Since, the process made on Google Maps is calculation of the distance between determinate points as the crow flies. Sometimes calculating distance is important about giving an idea because, there might be changes on distance by walking or car and it gives real like value if there is a straight way or field. For instance, let’s say you will go to Paris in France and if you think about tour around Eiffel Tower calculating environmental area will give you clear distance knowledge.

How to Calculate Distance with Google Map?

  • First of all you need to reach address from your browser. You will come across Google’s online map system. You can find all details from the boulevards, all buildings you need to find from the streets on those digital maps.
  • From which starting point you will start to calculate distance, click right on that point.
  • You will see a small menu, click calculate distance option from that menu.
  • Then, you can calculate distance by determining 3th or 4th points. There will be a black line between any determinate points. By sweeping that point you can do any changing.
  • If you also make a field calculation, you need to connect all distance measured points with starting point. In this way, you can see field calculation below apart from distance calculation. If you tour around a structure Google Maps will give you more detailed knowledge.

For removing chosen point, it is necessary to click on there again. Google Maps will be a good assistant for you and as use it you will discover more features about it.