Google’s the most used internet browser Chrome Android is going on to be updated. Google is going to bring ‘’Discover’’ feature into use with new updating.

‘’Discover’’ Feature is Coming for Google Chrome Android Version

Google will put ‘’Discover’’ tab into use for Chrome Android users. Thanks to that new interface users can reach any content that they are interested easily.

Google bringing personal results to forefront with the aid of artificial intelligence, is aiming to increase higher order to the users browser experience thanks to ‘’Discover’’ feature for Chrome Android version.

Since, it is in testing phase for now it is just offered for some users in spesific distances. After testing phase is over, it is expected that new feature is going to be offered to the users from all over the world.

When discover feature is activated different internet web pages from differet categories will be offered to the Chrome Android users as they open a new tab.

Offering quite practical features to the users Google is continue to make users’ work easier with its new feature. So, how did you find that new feature?