There are lots of music apps in market. The most attention-grabbing ones are for sure Spotify and Apple Music. So, which one of those the best music service is the very thing for iPhone or Android users? Details are in our article.

The Best Music Service, Price and Membership Options

Both Spotify and Apple Music offer free trial for Premium service users. Normally those Premium services cost 10 $ per month but, it is for 5 $ for students. For family using, it can cost maximum 15 $ per month.

You can listen any song you want any time you want without any limitation with Premium version. Besides, you can listen the song that you like without internet connection. If you don’t want to pay for the Premium version, Spotify still give you opportunity to listen the music with its free music service including advertisements. Songs are played as mix without any line on Spotify free. You can skip maximum 6 songs per hour. As for Apple Music, it enables just listening Beats1Radio on its free version option.

The Quality of the Air

One of the best music service apps Spotify offers around 320 kbps air quality. On the other hand Apple Music uses 256 kbps AAC fields on its air. Equaliser service is available in both of the music services. If you are not a real audiophile, it is not possible to understand the quality difference between Spotify and Apple Music.

Library and Music Selection

While there are 45 million songs on Apple Music’s library, that number decreases to 35 million on Spotify’s side. You can watch music videos on both of the services. When you like a song on Apple Music you can buy it directly from iTunes store. Again, as you open iCloud Music Library on Apple Music you can reach your personal music library from any device. On the other side there is not cloud music library option on Spotify.

User Interface

While Apple Music has a white theme, Spotify has dark and black one. You can watch the lyrics while listening to music on the screen on both of the apps.

Where to Listen?

Both Apple Music and Spotify are available in İOS and Android platforms. Again, there are desktop apps for Windows and Mac for both Apple Music and Spotify.

Which One is the Best for You?

If you want a free service you should definitely use Spotify. But when you have to pay it gets a bit complicated. Apple Music works without any problem with Apple devices. On the other side, discovering option, recommendations and creating personal playing music list options work better on Spotify.

Since, everyone has different pleasure it is an important issue before deciding using both of the services for a while just to choose the most suitable one for you.