Instagram is going on to confront its users with new features. The popular social media platform which has millions of users, has offered a new feature making easier to find the other users profiles.

Instagram Has Put Nametag Feature Into Use!

Instagram is going to make finding other users profiles easier by its new Nametag feature.

For instance, when you try to search a profile you come across with millions of users who have the same profile name. That problem complained all the time by users will be solved by that new Nametag feature.

That feature works too easily. Users can create their own identity card by that Nametag feature. By scanning that id card from your phones camera you can reach the profile that you are looking for without any searching.

That property was offered by Android and iOS users. You can also create your own Nametag and share with your friends. By clicking three lines mark from top right of the app, you can get access to Nametag option.

The social platform king offering quite practical feature to its users is going on to simplify its users work. Well then, what do you think about that new feature? Please mention in a comment.