One of the most popular social media platforms Instagram unfortunately doesn’t have any option for downloading photos directly from its own app.  However, as you can imagine there are ways to download photos or videos from Instagram. How can we download photos from Instagram? Here we go!

Ways to Download Photos from Instagram

You can find useful information from the video below about downloading photos from Instagram for Android and IOS.

First of all we would like to mention about doing that process on web. You need to copy the URL from the right corner of the content that you would like to download. Then, by reaching address paste the link and click the download button. In this way you can save the content to your computer.

If you would like to download a photo from your iPhone, you need to download one of the developed apps for your device. For instance, you can download ‘’Video & Photo Downloader for Instagram’’ app from App Store and install to your phone. By clicking Instagram logo from the upper right-hand corner of the app copy the URL from the content that you want to download. Then, go back to Photo Downloader app and paste URL. You can control if the photo is downloaded or not from the History section.

Finally, Android users can use Instasave app for downloading from Instagram. When you open the app first of all you need to open Instagram key. After that by going back to Instagram you can copy the URL as the same way and paste the link to the app. Thus and so, the photo will be downloaded automatically.

Which way do you use for downloading photos from Instagram? Please mention in a comment.