Known as its gamer equipment and making all the differences with gamer phones to the smart phone world the Razer is confronting us with a special router for the gamers. Here it is Razer Sila with its all features and price!

It is known by almost everyone that internet connection is very important for gamers. Even on the minimum delay problem, opponent might step forward and get an edge over.

Razer Sila has a smart traffic management system which is analysing the sniff state. Thus, it is given priority to other consoles such as Playstation, Xbox, and Switch etc.

What does Razer Sila Offer with its features?

When you are connected to the internet via Razer Sila it provides you priority on the network to give you the best game experience. For sure the necessarily optimisations are done automatically not to confront a problem.

It is stated that for those who will need it far and wide it offers trouble free internet connection with two devices in around 500m² fields. Razer working with Ignition Design Labs for that device states that thanks to DFS system it blocks the channels which might cause any problem.

Despite having quite developed settings, Razer Sila might be controlled by Android and IOS apps. Those who want to have that device will have to pay 249.99 $.