According to an announcement by Microsoft, it was officialised that Razer would support Keyboard and Mouse for Xbox 1. Is console game getting to somewhere different?
Razer Agreed with Microsoft about Keyboard and Mouse Support for Xbox1
Keyboard and mouse combination that we are not accustomed to is becoming real now. Keyboards and mouse prepared by 3rd party company were not working good enough. Since, they were actually modded gamepads.

While reading about the news, I m sure that you all wonder about the same thing:
Isn’t it injustice?
By an announcement from Microsoft, even if there are still questions on your minds we have learned more or less about how the system is going to work. As ‘’Multiplayer’’ online free games will have that support directly. When our products are released, game developers could include some features to the games.
As a result of an agreement between Razer and Microsoft, keyboards and mouse will be produced by Razer. As a reminder, products will be wireless.
To be honest, it was a kind of trouble playing some games with gamepad on the consoles. There were also some people not approaching to consoles because of not liking gamepad. In conclusion we can say that console games might be in a very different place with that move.