Chrome 68 updating by Google was submitted to the users. The company is activating the warning for web pages with Google Chrome 68 in the beginning of this year.

What does Google Chrome 68 Offer?

Google has stated that whole HTTP based connected web pages will be marked as unsecured on February by coming new version of Chrome on July. The company kept its promise and activated that speciality which will force unsecured web pages to use HTTPS.

At first the web pages without HTTPS were shown as unsecured and users were provided to become conscious about getting swindled by them. Then, that feature was applied at whole HTTP web pages visited by unsecured connection or in secure mood. Google will condemn the whole unsecured web pages keeping up becoming loyal to the HTTP configure.

We would like to remind you that by HTTPS, the connection between your computer and the web pages you visit is locked and thanks to it the transferred knowledge will be saved towards to the 3rd party and curious eyes.

Counter measures were taken towards to the online harmful advertisements. Shadow i frame methods are also blocked for that. Additively, there is going to be another move for tab technique. By that method when user clicks a connection a shadow web page opens URL connection in other tab. When old tab is active a group with advertisement is still used to upload another URL. Until now… Of course with updating performance improvement and connecting the mistake are offered.

Together with Chrome 69 safe tags will be removed on HTTPS web pages. Even if that situation looks a kind of back move the company is intending to provide users seeing the internet as virtual.

For Chrome 68 updating click the menu from upper right of your browser then, you can continue with clicking help and about Google Chrome. Then again you can click here to download from Google Chrome web page.