Android used by millions of users celebrates its new age. The popular operating system starting giving serve in 23th of October in 2008 for the first time is proceeding on its way at top speed.

Popular Operating System Android is 10 years old age!

We prepare a good topic for you while Android is celebrating its new age. We gathered Android 1.0 which was published in 23th of October in 2008 with 5 extant features together with the topic that we prepared. Here come 5 features about Android from first to last!

Android Market (Google Play Store)

Together with HTC Dream G1, first commercial Android version was published just 10 years ago. Even if there are lots of applications with HTC Dream G1 to be used, new operating system came into prominence with its deficient.

As you know, with popular operating system 1.0 version, there were 13 free applications to be used in Android Market.

As Google’s decision by bringing into service to Android Market for 3rd party users, lots of new applications met users by new version.

After that, Google started to refer Android Market as Google Play in 2012. Nowadays Android Market app is going on to give service as Google Play Store.


Synchronisation is showed up as a feature saving your data in your phones devotedly towards to the any misfortune and backing up for Google servers.

It provides you to back up your whole data from your device to your personal Gmail account automatically with it’s that feature. Even if you format your device, you can still reach your whole data from your Gmail easily.

Google provided its users Synchronisation feature as well with 1.0 version. Apparently, that feature still continues to be savior for Android users.

Application Notifications

Each mobile operating system has its own notification system. However, when Google’s popular operating system was first appeared it improved application notifications.

As a reminder, with its 1.0 version Google was the first company improving application notification systems.

The company breaking new ground with notification drawer and status bar features also provided users to be informed about application updating which are available in their phones.

After that, the company making status bar more contemporary improved that feature with lots of useful innovation. Even if Android 1.0 didn’t have application notification features like in nowadays, it still provided such a huge innovation for its users as the conditions of that time.


Before Whatsapp and similar apps got popular SMS and MMS were the most important features of the phones. Even if they are not used actively in nowadays, when our internet limit is over SMS that we don’t use as often gets an important role.

As you know, when Apple first released its smart phone despite providing SMS feature to the users, MMS feature was lack. Since, it was thought as unnecessary. However, the operating system developed by Google which is the biggest opponent of iOS operating system has offered all those features by 1.0 version to the users.

Google which was ahead of its rival in those times is going on to offer SMS and MMS features on its smart phones.

Application Organisation

We can see Application Organisation as the most important feature separating the popular application organisation from its opponents.

Thanks to that feature, Google provided its users to design applications from phones as they desire.

The system which is working a bit different than the first one in 2008, placed the apps which we download from Market as in a different app menu automatically just to prohibit the messy on the screen.

In this way, users could reach the apps they download easily. Thanks to that app, users could also place the apps to their phone’s main screen and organise them as they wish easily.

In fact the feature that provides to popular operating system users grouping similar apps by first version in those times.

After 10 years, Google adding new innovations to that feature is proceeding on its way via 9.0 updating.