Huawei P Smart (2019)


As a final words, Huawei P Smart becomes very successful price and performance beast of its generation just like previous model of its. With its large and beautiful looking screen, amazingly powerful hardware of its which is compatible with its segment and its amazing price which is under 300$ USD on the market makes this beast as an extraordinary device on its segment. User who are looking devices for affordable prices or prefer to buy a gift for their elders or children, may be very pleased from this device. As a friendly reminder, if you one of these kind of users you should read this review till the end of it.

Who should buy Huawei P Smart (2019)?

Huawei P Smart (2019) would be great option for users who seeks out for a price / performance beast with an affordable price range and low budget friendly.

Huawei renovated the older P Smart and created another price / performance beast again with acceptable price range. So how good is the new P Smart?

Huawei which becomes a worldwide known smartphone company after several years. As you know Huawei introduced first Huawei P Smart on December 2017 and it became very successful price and performance beast. Furthermore, after following year they renovated that beast with much more successful hardware and design aspects and Huawei introduced P Smart again at 2019. Upgrading from its design aspect to its features they have changed old P Smart a lot. With all of its aspects we assume that it will become very attractive smart phone on the market again and again. Because, it has very balanced qualification standards due to its price and specifications. So let’s see what offerings come with Huawei P Smart (2019)

What about the design aspects of Huawei P Smart (2019)?

 Huawei P Smart (2019) brings lots of differences and upgrades with its design aspects compared the older model. Renovated with 3D curved case of its, Huawei P Smart has a surface which has ceramic sensation when you hold it on your hands. Huawei P Smart (2019) has four different and beautiful color options, these are Night Black, Aurora Blue, Sapphire Blue and Coral Red. We have a model with Aurora Blue color on our hands.

The new P Smart is fully refurbished not only with its color options but also it has several differences about design aspects compared to older P Smart. These differences attracts the attention with every perspective. First of all, it has bigger screen compared to older one, the new P Smart has 6.21” inch sized screen now. Also there is a notch resembling a drop with that difference the screen to body ratio has been enlarged compared to previous model. So, the new P Smart offers us greatly enlarged screen compared to older P Smart.

The thickness of the new P Smart is about 8 mm and it weighs only 160 gr. It is no doubt that you will think about its lightness when you hold it at first hand. Because we felt exactly that way.

 The only difference of the back face is about its cameras, it has similar design and shape compared to older model. If you remember, the cameras of older model has been located side by side but at this model we see that camera locations has changed and it has located as like IPhone X and XS models. Of course there are other differences comes at camera section, but we will talk about those later in our review at Camera section.

Let’s look at the upper side of the phone. We face with a hybrid microSD card and SIM card drawers. So what does Hybrid Drawer mean? It means that you can use the second place of this drawer as a place for SIM card when you don’t use microSD card.

On the other hand, we face with volume and power buttons on the right of the phone as a standard. We also see 3.5 mm Headphone jack underneath of the phone and next to it we see microUSB port and speaker loophole. Yes, there is no significant difference from older model. There is no USB-C port under the phone and speaker is mono.

How is the looking of screen of the new Huawei P Smart (2019)?

Let’s be honest… The new P Smart looks really beautiful with its screen. It has much more bigger screen and display features compared to older model. The display structured with IPS LCD panels and it has 1080×2340 pixel resolution. On the other hand, it has 415 ppi pixel density and it has 458 kandela brightness level which is mediocre levels for many smart phone and its likely acceptable level.

Thanks to the IPS LCD panels, the screen has no vision loss problems by looking from different perspectives by the way it has 19.5:9 screen ratio. However the most important feature of the new P Smart is, it has 83.1% percent of screen to body ratio which means it is really large device compared to other devices on its segment. Also there is a protective film on the screen which helps to cover the screen appropriately.

Huawei P Smart comes with Android 9.0 Operating System. With this O.S. the device comes with one of the latest operating system today’s world. Of course interface of the device has changed and upgraded as well compared to previous model. Coming with EMUI 9 interface, the new Huawei P Smart is on the stage with its user friendly interface.

Huawei P Smart (2019) features and performance / hardware

Let’s talk about the hardware situation at first. Of course we face with some improvements and upgrades about the new P Smart compared to older model. Powered with Kirin 710 processor with 12 nm sizes, the new P Smart shows impressive performance with its 8 core processor. At the technical stages, we see that this device comes with 4 Cortex A73 chipset with 2.2 GHz frequency and another Cortex A53 chipset with 1.7 GHz frequency rates. On the other hand, the new P Smart has 3 GB RAM and 64 GB of Storage capacity (ROM). Also you can increase the storage capacity up to 512 GB with an external microSD card.

So what are the results of these hardware of Huawei P Smart (2019)? According to virtual results; it has 1527 points on a single core test and 5423 points on multiple core test on Geekbench.

However if we look to the AnTuTu Benchmark results, we see that it has 129.759 points on this test. Especially, with these results we can humbly say that it shares and shows similar performance with another model of Huawei which is Mate 20 Lite. By the way, the new P Smart over thrones the mid-segment models of Samsung’s such as Galaxy J8, Galaxy A6+ and Galaxy A8 as well.

Under the light of these result we can clearly say that, it has really great performance for daily usages including gaming and overhaul usages. As we all know, mobile gaming industry expands its roots day by day and results of these forces to phone companies to get best results even their mid-segment devices. However as we can see the new P Smart has really impressive game performance. Although it has the features and hardware from mid-segment, we see that the new P Smart has smooth performance on the intensively games such as Asphalt and PUBG Mobile. Besides from these it has really impressive daily usage performance.

So what about the heat rates of the device?

According to our test, while we were playing we calculated 35 Celsius degrees on the front face of the device and it has reached 33 Celsius degrees on the back face.

Furthermore, we need to talk about the battery of this new Huawei P Smart. The new P Smart has 3400 mAh capacitated battery. In order to compare them correctly, the older model of P Smart had 3000 mAh capacitated batter under the case. There is additional 400 mAh comes with the new model of P Smart with that all you can use your device at least 24 hours.

As an example to this situation we made a test about the battery of it, and we see that we didn’t need to recharge the device from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. So it is very compatible with daily usages and it’s acceptable for standards.

 Let’s talk about more specific test and facts about this new battery. First of all, the new P Smart can last about 24 hours at minimum brightness rate on standby mode. While surfing on the Internet you can use your device about 9 hours without recharging and if you want to watch Full HD videos it only lasts 7.5 hours. Under the intensive usages, with full brightness rates the battery dries out about 4 hours. Now it is time to talk about the cameras of the new P Smart (2019).

Cameras of Huawei P Smart (2019)

First of all, there are dual cameras on the back of the case and there is a camera located front face of the device as you already know from the pictures. Technical capabilities of the cameras on the new P Smart has similar technical numbers with older model. We face with a main camera with 13 MP and depth sensor camera with 2 MP (for Bokeh effects). By the way it is important to tell this at this point, the main camera with 13 MP has f/1.8 diaphragm levels and it has phase detected auto focus capabilities.

Talking about the front selfie camera, we face with 8 MP camera with f/2.0 diaphragm levels. Coming with HDR support, you can capture 1080p videos with 30 FPS just like the main camera of the device.

Of course we face with an AI supported cameras which is really impressive development compared to older model. With that way, the new P Smart has back scene recognition ability just like flagship models of other brands. With that abilities the new P Smart, can detect 500 different scenarios under 22 categories which helps users to get better results while capturing photographs with automated mode.

As a final words, you can capture photos with depth effect photos with the cameras of the new P Smart and also you can capture porters as well. Besides from impressive results under the day light, you can also capture beautiful photos at midnight as well. We can humbly say that it has slightly better performance at cameras compared to other devices on its segment and it becomes very successful price and performance beast.